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Among the searches, ideas for capturing the new, the real and the poetic, the beauty of paints, tones, brushes and moments emerges. Here is the painting "An afternoon on the farm staircase"


The narrative takes place. The canvas receives the sketches after the composition and the painting reveals itself in the art of Clodoaldo Martins.
Music: USP's Fingered String Laboratory Ribeirão Preto, Caio de Souza and Vitor Botelho interpret Brejeiro, by Ernesto Nazareth, in an arrangement for brazilian viola and guitar, under the coordination of professor Gustavo Costa.


“Uma tarde na escada da fazenda” - “An afternoon on the farm stairs”   - The creation process is a search for composition between the real and the imaginary, through inspiration. Follow some details of this meeting in the art of Clodoaldo Martins, realistic painter.