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This work was commissioned by a client who asked for a scene of the coffee harvest. His gaze would like to return to the scene of his youth and refer back to his grandfather, in the coffee plantations. I thought it was a great opportunity to explore a topic that I particularly like a lot, but until then I hadn't had the opportunity to address it. I soon thought that it would not be such an easy composition. I went out into the field, looking for coffee plantations and models to start composing. The inspiration came from the work I've always admired "A Harvest", by Antônio Ferringo. Despite different styles, how can one not remember Portinari's coffee plantation when developing this theme? Hence shapes, textures, colors and especially a rustic dusty atmosphere that the activity itself naturally disposes of.


Each composition, its own challenge. Arranging the aesthetic and narrative elements of a scene to maintain harmony may not be the easiest task. Mainly in more complex compositions. At that moment, looking for that mental image, keeping ourselves as faithful as possible to this image, can be a good option to make the painting transmit its message in a more forceful way to those who contemplate it.


Among the searches, ideas for capturing the new, the real and the poetic, the beauty of paints, tones, brushes and moments emerges. Here is the painting "An afternoon on the farm staircase"


The narrative takes place. The canvas receives the sketches after the composition and the painting reveals itself in the art of Clodoaldo Martins.
Music: USP's Fingered String Laboratory Ribeirão Preto, Caio de Souza and Vitor Botelho interpret Brejeiro, by Ernesto Nazareth, in an arrangement for brazilian viola and guitar, under the coordination of professor Gustavo Costa.


“Uma tarde na escada da fazenda” - “An afternoon on the farm stairs”   - The creation process is a search for composition between the real and the imaginary, through inspiration. Follow some details of this meeting in the art of Clodoaldo Martins, realistic painter.